Charlotte Products Introduces New Marketing Resources

New ES72/ ES64/ ES64H/ ES364 Sellsheet

The original ES72/ES64 & ES72/ES64H Program Sellsheets have been replaced with a new version that offers ES364 as an alternative disinfectant.

Click below to view or download the new sellsheet:


Please note that all digital copies of our literature are available on our website under Resources then Document Library.


New ES72 / ES64 /ES64H / ES364 Wallcharts

*Please note that the Wallchart is now double sided. One side includes ES64/64H and the other side ES364, which eliminates the need of two separate wallcharts.

ES662 & ES662-EGAP Dispenser Kits will have the new double sided wallcharts included starting in March.

Click below to view or download the new wallcharts:



Please note that printed versions of all our literature are available through  |  (877) 745-2880

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