United Connects

United Connects 2016, Issue 3

In this issue: United Group calendar of events, Preferred Supplier Berk International, new Members since June 1, product and industry news, Member Services provider listing, Personalities column

United Connects 2016, Issue 2

In this issue: TUG 2016 Conference recap, including award winners and Tabletops photos; Preferred Supplier editorials; Member news; Product and Industry News; new Members of 2016 listing; President's Message; United Group 2016 event schedule

United Connects 2016, Issue 1

Featuring: 2016 Conference agenda and tour information, new 2015 Members listing, President's Message, Member profile: Twin Ports Paper & Supply, obituary for William O'Dell, complete Supplier listing, Industry and Product News

United Connects 2015, Issue 4

Inside: 2015 ISSA pictorial, Spotlight on Safety Suppliers, United Horizons/Costa Rica photo spread, President's message, Member Profile: AmeriSource Industrial Supply, comprehensive Supplier listing, Member news, Supplier news and products

United Connects 2015, Issue 3

Featuring: a NEW section "Personalities" that highlights the pastimes, pursuits and passions of individuals within TUG; President's message; Member news and editorial content; listing of upcoming United Group and industry events; 6 pages of Product News; complete Preferred Supplier list, including new Suppliers; and 11 pages of Industry News.